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ÖTZTAL VALLEY: Inntal’s longest side valley leads some 65 kilometers southwards, right to the heart of the Eastern Alps. There are a total of 8 holiday villages at different altitudes spread along Ötztal. They are surrounded by wide fields and lush meadows, at the foot of steeply rising rock faces stretching up to Alpine terrain. Excellent transport options and connections make the valley easily accessible. In addition to the varied infrastructure, as well as shopping and gastronomy, our guests will experience one thing above all: authentic people and nature in abundance. Umhausen-Niederthai nestles in the central valley, offering both charm and tranquility. In the midst of this tranquility, you will find Appartement Schmid - encircled by majestic mountains and lush green meadows.

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Boundless hiking pleasure, tranquility and idyll, culture and tradition are the pillars of "Urkraft Umhausen" - thus guaranteeing a relaxing holiday in Umhausen-Niederthai. The Ötzi Village, an archaeological outdoor park with prehistoric buildings, gives a detailed insight into living and housing in Neolithic times. Right next to it there is Ötztal’s Birds of Prey Park and the Stuiben Falls, Tirol’s biggest waterfall with a falling height of 159 m. It can be perfectly explored on five platforms and a suspension bridge.

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The center of Ötztal. Where winter is pure and unadulterated and where enjoyment and tranquility come first. Escape the hectic world in Umhausen, Niederthai, Tumpen or Köfels. Indulge into the fascination of a white fairytale landscape while winter hiking or cross-country skiing. Discover typical Ötztal hospitality and relax in both peaceful and contemplative surroundings.

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